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Before lunging yourself into any one highly recommended diet, it is always prudent to be conscious that we have at some point been a victim of various government publications that has been circulated indicating presumptuous claims because they are backed by science.  This comes from U.S. government reviews, which have not been updated.  These claims or dietary guidelines are currently being fought in Washington as to whether there are studies that can substantiate them.  And this is why dietary guidelines are given every 5 years.


To prove my point. It has been claimed that eating eggs would lead to high cholesterol levels because chicken egg contains high cholesterol (a scientific finding).  Studies have shown, however, that egg consumption does not really affect cholesterol levels significantly, but it is consuming trans fat and saturated fats that has that effect.  Soon, it turned out that the high cholesterol in the fried egg In the typical American breakfast of ham and eggs, and the sodium in the bacon and sausages was because of the oil used which is trans and saturated fat and the sodium.


If you are choosing a type of diet such as from then be careful that this does not happen to you.  Today, there are many people advocating for low carb diet instead of low fat which the US dietary guidelines are promoting, since they say that low carb is more effective in treating and preventing diseases such as obesity and heart diseases.


Some years ago, low-fats was the mantra but recently low-carb is proving a promising effortless weight loss while eating all the high-fat foods you want.  


Your health can be greatly affected if you consume too much of the wrong carbs.  And there are many types of low-carb diets with each having its own restrictions on the types and amounts of carbohydrates that you can without limit eat.  


One low carb diet is the Paleo diet, to site an example, which is a kind of diet which is all grain but with restrictions; it includes Quinoa grain, which is a complete protein source, and chickpea which is a pale brown round bean.  Other allowed carbs, however, have no restrictions.  For those who choose Paleo diet you can eat all the unrestricted carbs but not the restricted one, or control them.  Grains are not the only source of carbohydrates.


By the way, "Carb" is a shortcut of the word carbohydrates.  Carbs give us energy and you can find them in grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes and dairy products.  IN order for our bodies to function properly, carb supplies that body with glucose it needs for energy. You may check out this low carb tortilla recipe.


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